AIGBD Platform

AIGBD (AI-Guided Bioproduct development)

We develop our bioproducts through a unique AI-guided process.

At Fornia BioSolutions, we apply cutting-edge in silico modeling tools, such as advanced protein engineering tools, atomistic biomolecular dynamics simulation tools, as well as the most current systems biology information, to guide the engineering of proteins and microorganisms. We utilize “in silico” modeling (computational models of biology), computational simulations, and statistical models for quantitative analysis at the gene-to-genome-levels.

Our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has been developed in-house. It is a software-based system, with features that support every step of our workflow. Key features include  but are not limited to project management, gene/strain management, gene/strain library management, plate management, test management and sequence management. Our LIMS plays a key role in scheduling, tracking, analyzing, and reporting of our R&D work.

A large amount of high-throughput, experimental data is generated and fed into our proprietary LIMS. We routinely generate thousands of data points which collectively forms our proprietary Big Data. Big Data can be conveniently exported  by our data scientists and then be used for applying state of the art machine learning algorithms (e.g. Random Forest, Support Vector Machine, Elastic Net, Partial Least Squares, etc.) and deep learning algorithms (Deep Neural Network, Convolutional Neural Network, Recurrent Neural Network, etc.). Our AI platform utilizes 3-Dimensional protein structure information which is substantially richer and more informative than the 1-Dimensional sequence information. The goal is to delve deeper and discover how certain structural changes caused by “introduced mutations” potentially affect protein functionality and strain performance.  From the knowledge gathered through deep understanding of the interactions, relationships, trends and patterns in the historical data, we can make more sound and effective decisions for further product improvement. Our AI-based and Big Data-driven modeling and experimental designs are improved in a continuous process, which ultimately delivers proteins and production strains that are competitive and optimal for industrial applications. The products we deliver are novel, cost-effective, and have precise desired functionality.

System-level engineering of microorganisms can be accomplished by the integration of in silico and wet lab experiments. Recent advances in high-throughput experimental and bioinformatics techniques have led to the rapid accumulation of a broad range of “-omics” data (i.e.: genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, fluxomics and so on), which is also being integrated into our AIGBD platform.

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