About Us

Fornia BioSolutions Inc. is an innovative biotechnology company, specializing in the development of superior quality microbial products for the agricultural, aquacultural, food processing, feed, household/personal care, environmental, and biopharmaceutical markets. Our research and development laboratory is located in Hayward, California, where we draw upon the brightest research minds in the San Francisco Bay Area. We work closely and collaboratively with our clients to produce next generation products within established markets, as well as novel products that will pioneer new markets.

Seasoned research experts

Founded in 2015, our client-oriented, multidisciplinary team of seasoned research experts has earned a reputation for producing high quality products, within a quick turnaround time, at a competitive cost. We provide a full range of industry-leading technologies for product development, from computational design/machine learning, high-throughput strain/protein mutant construction, and high-throughput screening, to shake flask and fermentation validation.

Our on-site 15L fermentation capacity and access to high quality outsourcing demonstration-scale and commercial-scale fermentation and product manufacturing facilities results in a high success rate, when scaling up from new strain development to full commercial fermentation. Our advanced strain improvement, enzyme directed evolution, and high throughput screening technologies enable us to develop optimal microbial strains for improved bioindustrial products.

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