Patented Products

Patented Products

At Fornia BioSolutions, innovation and continuous improvement are integral to everything we do. Founded in 2015, we are incredibly proud that our enzyme engineering research has already made a significant contribution to the food processing and feed industries. In the future, we will extend our microbial research to the agricultural, aquacultural, household/personal care, environmental, and biopharmaceutical industries.

Our current patents include the following:

Glucoamylase patents 9,598,680 and 9,670.472: Our research helps maximize the performance of industrial scale saccharification enzymes. Saccharification enzymes are used on liquefied starch-containing substrates to produce sugars for fermentation. Our research improves glucoamylase enzyme activity, thermoactivity, thermostability and pH stability, resulting in enhanced starch conversion for many fermentation processes.

Phytase patents 9,605,245 and 9,528,096: Our research developed a novel thermostable enzyme for animal feed. The pelleting process can deplete animal feed of many of its nutrients. Our enzyme enables the manufacture of animal feed that is richer in nutrients, resulting in animals that gain weight more quickly, with less feed.

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