Innovation in Biotechnology

We develop superior quality microbial products for the agricultural, aquacultural, food processing, feed, household/personal care, and environmental markets.

Solid Reputation

High quality products, quick turnaround time, competitive rates.

Industry-Leading Technologies

EuphoticTM platform (AI-Guided Bioproduct Development), high-throughput strain/protein mutant construction, high-throughput screening, and shake flask to fermentation validation.

Talented Team

We have the scientific expertise to meet the biggest challenges our clients face.


EuphoticTM Platform

We develop our bioproducts through a unique AI-guided process.

Mutagenesis & Genetic Engineering

We apply mutagenesis strategies to improve microbial strains and genetically engineer microbes for large-scale production.

Automated & Intelligent Screening

Our automation platform facilitates accurate, reliable, and reproducible results for creating the best microbial strains.

Large Scale Fermentation

Our step-wise process ensures a high rate of success when scaling up to commercial level microbial fermentation.


We develop strains that can produce higher titers of microbial products for the agricultural and environmental markets. Our core technology involves computational biology, mutagenesis, genetic engineering, intelligent screening, and large-scale fermentation in collaboration with our partners.


With a strong technology platform, effective project management, and relevant scale-up capacity, our high quality contract research services enable our clients to develop and improve a wide variety of industrially fermented microbial products.