Strain Improvements

Strain Improvement

We develop strains that produce higher titers of microbial products for the agricultural and environmental markets.

Microorganisms can generate a wide range of valuable products, including proteins and primary/secondary metabolites. In most cases, however, the amount of proteins or metabolites produced by wild-type microorganism is too low for commercially viable applications. Improving wild-type strains through genetic manipulation provides a very attractive and practical approach for developing industrial microorganisms.

At Fornia BioSolutions, our goal is to develop strains that can produce higher titers of microbial products for the agricultural, aquacultural, food processing, feed, household/personal care, and environmental markets. Through strain improvement, we are able to enhance their characteristics for industrial applications.

Our core technology involves computational biology, mutagenesis, genetic engineering, intelligent screening, and large-scale fermentation, in collaboration with our partners. Products developed at Fornia BioSolutions are designed to be environmentally safe, competitive, and economically sustainable.

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