Large Scale Fermentation

Large Scale Fermentation

Our step-wise process ensures a high rate of success when scaling up to commercial level microbial fermentation.

The scaling from lab demonstration to industrial fermentation is a well-known challenge in the agricultural, aquacultural, food processing, feed, household/personal care, and environmental industries. Several variables can non-linearly and unexpectedly change during the scaling up process. These issues can be initially addressed, however, via demo scale fermenter optimization.

Fornia BioSolutions achieves demo scale fermentor optimization through our own in-house 2L/15L fermentors, as well as high quality demonstration-scale and commercial-scale fermentation facilities that we have secured from others. This allows for both in-house optimization of the target strain and validation of the molecule produced.

Our 2L/15L fermentor validation process provides step-wise insight of the target system, as well as strategies for success when scaling further up to commercial scale fermentation. Fornia BioSolutions ensures a high scale-up success rate by: defining the industrial process in the beginning of our strain improvement, implementing the process condition during our strain development, and engaging a multi-stage scale-up and feedback strategy with our partners.

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