At Fornia BioSolutions, we target next generation microbial products that have an established market, as well as novel products that will pioneer new markets. We have highly collaborative domains, essential for product development, including: computational design/machine learning, high-throughput strain/protein mutant construction, high-throughput screening, and shake flask and fermentation validation.

Each domain is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and teamed by seasoned research professionals with over 10 years of relevant experience, as well as talented junior researchers, with a strong passion for excellence.



We improve our computational modeling and experimental design through a continuous process.

Mutagenesis & Genetic Engineering

We apply mutagenesis strategies to improve microbial strains and genetically engineer microbes for large-scale production.

Automated & Intelligent Screening

Our automation platform facilitates accurate, reliable, and reproducible results for creating the best microbial strains.

Large Scale Fermentation

Our step-wise process ensures a high rate of success when scaling up to commercial level microbial fermentation.