At Fornia BioSolutions, we target next generation microbial products that have an established market, as well as novel products that will pioneer new markets. Fornia’s Artificial Intelligence Guided Bioproduct Development (Fornia-AIGBD) framework has highly collaborative domains, essential for bioproduct development, including: AI guided enzyme and microbe discovery, enzyme directed evolution, strain development, HTP selection of process relevant leads, and process-oriented validation.

Each domain is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and teamed by seasoned research professionals with over 10 years of relevant experience, as well as talented junior researchers, with a strong passion for excellence.


AIGBD Platform

We develop our bioproducts through a unique AI-guided process.

Mutagenesis & Genetic Engineering

We apply mutagenesis strategies to improve microbial strains and genetically engineer microbes for large-scale production.

Automated & Intelligent Screening

Our automation platform facilitates accurate, reliable, and reproducible results for creating the best microbial strains.

Large Scale Fermentation

Our step-wise process ensures a high rate of success when scaling up to commercial level microbial fermentation.