Mutagenesis & Genetic Engineering

Mutagenesis and Genetic Engineering

We apply mutagenesis strategies to improve microbial strains and genetically engineer microbes for large-scale production.

At Fornia BioSolutions, we are successfully applying appropriate mutagenesis strategies to improve various strains. Microorganisms can generate new genetic characteristics by mutagenesis and/or genetic engineering. Mutagenesis is known to be a very powerful tool when it comes to altering both the genotype and phenotype of microorganisms. During the mutagenesis process, a strain is modified either by spontaneous mutations or intentionally induced mutations.

For large-scale production, the targeted molecule needs to be produced at levels hundreds-to-thousands-times higher than those naturally produced. At Fornia BioSolutions, we are genetically engineering prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbes for large-scale production to achieve three major goals: 1) produce in abundance the desired wild-type or engineered enzymes, 2) increase the overall protein titer, and 3) remove competing or adverse genes.

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